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Ideas Shaping Our Lives and Our Plates

By Robb Fraley, Monsanto Chief Technology Officer

Next week, the annual Aspen Ideas Festival opens in Aspen, Colorado. The Festival attracts a unique mix of thought leaders for conversations on a wide range of topics, but, one topic in particular has brought Monsanto to the table as a sponsor: The Future of Food: Our Planet, Our Plates.

We at Monsanto are dedicated to helping provide the world’s farmers with the tools they need to ensure people everywhere have access to a balanced meal today and in the future. Everyone agrees we need to produce food more sustainably: growing more food while using fewer resources to do so. But, take a quick glance at the latest news headlines and you’ll find divisive opinions about what we eat and how food makes it from farm to table.

An ideas festival offers a unique space and moment to explore a wide range of ideas, innovations and perceptions about what’s on our plates and how it gets there. It’s an opportunity to engage with food systems thought leaders about the political and cultural forces shaping the way we eat today. And, to be part of candid conversations that build on the common ground we all share so we can work together toward a more sustainable global food system.

On Monday, I will join representatives from the Environmental Defense Fund and the Union of Concerned Scientists for a conversation on the role of biotechnology in food production, titled “GMOs: Savior? Satan? Or something in between?” I’ll also be hosting a roundtable discussion over lunch with festival attendees to dig in deeper around their ideas and questions on our food system. I’m looking forward to diving into a robust discussion – at the Festival and online – and hope you can join us.

Then, on Tuesday, Mike Frank, our Chief Commercial Officer anchors a diverse panel discussing the wide variety of technologies and trends that are ushering in The Next Food Revolution.

The Aspen Ideas Festival is a relatively small event with just 3,500 attendees. But the impactful conversations aren’t limited to the festival grounds. Follow along with us on social media. We’ll be sharing frequent updates and diving into discussion at @RobbFraley and @MonsantoCo on Twitter and on the Monsanto Facebook page. And tune into our Periscope broadcast from the Aspen Institute campus on June 28 around 9:30 a.m. MST when I’ll be speaking with three registered dieticians about agriculture and nutrition. You can find the link and learn more at @RobbFraley.

More to come.

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