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Students to Share Their Internships/Co-op Experience

Students are busier than ever at Monsanto! We welcomed over 250 students in the U.S. to the company this year.  Hired as interns and co-ops, they will spend three to six months as full-time team members before they return to campus to continue pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees.  Their fields of study are just as diverse as the many business functions in which they work, but you’ll find a common thread with each cohort: each student wants to make a difference. They care about conserving the planet’s natural resources and are committed to improving lives around the world.

6.20.16 2016 interns

Student interns

That’s why our internship and co-op program is the perfect fit for the next generation of industry leaders.  Whether employed at our Headquarters in St. Louis, a research lab, greenhouse, production or manufacturing site, or in the field—each student is working on projects that have a direct impact on business outcomes.  But most importantly, each student will help Monsanto attempt to deliver integrated sustainable ag solutions to growers and play a role in tackling some of the world’s greatest food security challenges.

Monsanto automated greenhouse

Monsanto automated greenhouse

Upon returning to campus in the fall, eight of our most talented interns and co-ops will serve as student ambassadors, sharing their Monsanto experience with others throughout the upcoming academic year. During the summer months, they will blog about life at Monsanto from a student’s point of view.

Be on the lookout for posts from our student ambassadors each week beginning June 17th… you won’t want to miss their perspectives!

Student Ambassadors for 2016-17:

Raechel D., Seed Production Intern
University of Missouri, Plant Sciences

Colton H.,  Seeds Process Engineer Co-op
University of Missouri, Mechanical Engineering

Russell J., Mechanical Project Engineer
Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering

Elena L., Field Testing Engineering Co-op
University of Illinois, Technical Systems Management

Aaron M., Electrical Engineer Co-op
Prairie View A&M University, Electrical Engineering

Rahul S., IT Co-op
University of Illinois, Computer Engineering

Ashley S., US Row Crops Sales Intern
Iowa State University, Agronomy

Emily T., Production Research Intern
Iowa State University, Agronomy

Learn more about student opportunities at Monsanto

Twitter.com/MonsantoJobs                                         https://www.linkedin.com/company/monsanto

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