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Ag Innovation Showcase – How collaboration drives success

By Brad Griffith
Global Microbials Commercial Lead

This week, The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and The Bio Research & Development Growth Park will convene agricultural innovators from around the world for the seventh annual Ag Innovation Showcase. Some of the sharpest minds and biggest new ideas descend on their campus in St. Louis, a city that has always played a pivotal role in agriculture innovation. This year’s Ag Innovation Showcase might bring the next revolutionary innovation for farmers and the agriculture industry.

As we’ve seen with innovations like biotechnology, that next big idea might be something that is actually very small in size – microbes. Ag biologicals and microbial solutions will be a hot topic at this year’s conference. Within this space, several companies and research organizations will be in attendance to discuss the growing market for microbial products and solutions in agriculture. Among them, The BioAg Alliance – a joint effort between Monsanto and Novozymes – will be engaging the conference attendees as the Alliance seeks to catalyze the development of new microbial solutions to transform agriculture through collaboration.


Microbes possess immense potential to change agriculture. Microbes can improve nutrient uptake, promote growth and yield, and provide insect control and disease protection. ​​ The BioAg Alliance brings together a unique partnership of leading organizations in their field focused on accelerating the discovery of microbial solutions through continued research and new collaborations.

A key to success for The BioAg Alliance is building partnerships from discovery of microbes to enabling technologies to existing commercial products that help deliver microbial solutions. These partnerships begin at places like the Ag Innovation Showcase and we are excited to see to learn about new possibilities this year.

About The BioAg Alliance
Together Monsanto and Novozymes bring an unmatched ability to take ag microbial products from idea to market. Novozymes is a leader in the formulation and fermentation of microbes and Monsanto has the largest global footprint for field testing products. In 2014, the Alliance tested hundreds of microbial strains in 170,000 field plots across more than 50 U.S. locations. In 2015, the Alliance is testing more than 2,000 strains and more than doubled the number of field plots across the U.S.

For more information about The BioAg Alliance visit www.MonsantoBioAg.com/BioAgAlliance

For more information about our current microbial products visit www.MonsantoBioAg.com

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