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Nourishing 9 Billion: Addressing the Challenge of Producing More Nutritious Food with Less Waste While Conserving Land

by Toni Voelker, Senior Scientist

There was excitement in the room when the student organization Net Impact held a SolutionLab at the UC Davis campus, at the end of May. About 80 students were preparing to brainstorm on a big challenge: “What social innovations would produce more nutritious food with less waste while also conserving land?”

As a scientist working in Davis in the field of agriculture who over the recent years has investigated many aspects of food production and sustainability, I had been invited to serve as an expert to support the students and answer questions. I was looking forward to meeting and helping the students and was curious how such a workshop would be conducted. Richard Crespin from CollaborateUp, a consulting firm advising businesses and nonprofits on how to work together to solve big problems, led the session and brought with him high energy and experience as the facilitator. Read more

Original article was published on July 28, 2015 on socialearth.org.

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