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GMOs Featured on Star Talk Podcast

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By Nick Weber

Many know Bill Nye as “The Science Guy” – who has educated millions of children in the U. S. with his science-themed television show. Today, he is still revered as a science advocate and expert, always charging those around him to look for the scientific reasoning behind their world.

In 2014, Nye published a book that made his opinions of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, known: he was unclear about their benefit and long-term effects. In early 2015, Monsanto invited him to visit our facilities and see for himself what the company is all about, and why we advocate for GMOs. After his visit, he publicly admitted that he was changing his mind.

For the past two Sundays, he appeared on StarTalk Radio for podcasts, “Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye.” Take a listen to the first podcast (55 minutes in its entirety) to discuss why he changed his mind (at the 36:00 mark), what he saw when he visited Monsanto (25:00), even his experience at an anti-Monsanto rally in New York City (49:00). He also discussed his perspective of the technology behind gene sequencing (29:00) and the prevalence of female scientists at Monsanto (28:55). In the second podcast, he takes questions from listeners about GMOs and agriculture, covering such topics as monarch butterflies (7:00), GMO labeling (15:00), competition and regulation in agriculture (36:00).

In the end, his opinion on GMOs has changed. Says Nye, “For thousands of years, farmers have been doing everything in their power to get the most product from their labor. Genetically modified crops are a way to do that.”

For more information, check out Business Insider’s coverage of the podcast.

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