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Intern in the South

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By Guy V., Student Ambassador & Summer Intern

Guy headshotA suitcase, a pair of boots, a hat and a plane ticket are all I have needed for my task way down south in Lubbock, Texas. This is my home for the next twelve weeks, and I aspire to build  strong relationships with the local farmers. I was told as soon as I got here that if I say, “ya’ll” and remember to say, “yes sir” and “yes ma’am”, I would do just fine and fit right in. Adding in just a touch of a southern accent doesn’t hurt too!

I am enjoying this wonderful opportunity to learn about the methods that farmers practice for better weed management. I have a zest and passion for Monsanto, and I strive to inform growers of the latest Monsanto technology so they can more effectively and efficiently eliminate resistant weeds and maximize the yield on their farms.

This is pigweed, a big problem for many cotton growers. This weed will begin to produce seeds at an early age for reproduction.

One of my tasks is to administer short surveys to growers on weed management programs that have proven effective in the past. With dealers, I ensure that all their weed management questions are answered. The ultimate goal is to increase their comfort level with the new Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System for cotton.

Employee spraying
An employee is spraying a test plot with Liberty Link® and Warrant™ mixed with sulfur.

For the first couple of weeks, I have spent time introducing myself to dealers and growers either by phone or in person.

“Hello Mr. Farmer, my name is Guy, I am an intern for Monsanto. Could I have 10 to 15 minutes of your time to ask you a couple of questions?”

Knowing that I have potentially already lost the farmer’s interest at this point, I follow up by assuring him/her that I am not trying to sell them anything, but rather trying to learn and gain experience over the summer.

I have quickly discovered that growers and dealers really enjoy talking about the entirety of their operations. These conversations have been valuable opportunities for me to learn about their weed management concerns, too. I have enjoyed eating a meal with many of them, and I believe in building these relationships of mutual trust. I continue to work, and hopefully succeed, in my responsibility of serving as a liaison between Monsanto and farmers – those who are critical to helping supply the world with nutritious food.

For more information on Monsanto’s weed management system go to http://www.roundupreadyplus.com/.

Learn more about student opportunities at Monsanto: http://www.monsanto.com/careers/pages/student-opportunties.aspx

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