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Meet Jennifer, Monsanto’s Latest Life Saver

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Each year, Monsanto provides Global Safety and Ethics Awards to recognize employees whose personal character positively impacts their communities. As part of these awards, we acknowledge a special group of employees who have saved lives in emergency situations.

5.30.15 Global_Safety_and_Ethics_Award_v2_PMJennifer is one of these employees, who in 2014 was one of four recipients of Monsanto’s Actively Caring Life Saver Award.

Jennifer, Regional Business Director, Woonsocket, South Dakota

Q: Tell us what you did in order to earn the Actively Caring Life Saver Award?

A: I saved a colleague’s life by performing the Heimlich Maneuver.

Q: What can you tell us about this life-saving event?

A: I was attending a baseball game with customers and colleagues. One of my colleagues, Cheryl, was standing a few feet away and eating roast beef. I noticed that she was choking, and gave her a few seconds to cough it up, as it’s always uncomfortable to be choking in a social setting. I quickly realized she was not making noise or able to breathe. I performed the Heimlich Maneuver on her, which opened her airway and stopped the choking.

Q: How did you know what to do in this situation?

A: I was a lifeguard in college, and was certified through various Red Cross classes that taught the proper technique for the Heimlich Maneuver.

Q: What has this life-saving experience taught you about yourself?

A: It reminded me about the importance of safety training. When it happened, I was able to act quickly and on instinct rather than taking time to think about how to stop someone from choking. Thanks to my previous training, I was able to do it successfully.

Q: How does it feel to have received an award for saving someone’s life?

A: I am very honored to receive the award. It’s not something I thought about at the time, but it is a very nice recognition given Monsanto’s high regard for employee safety.

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