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The sweet corn is up!

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By Nick Weber

In a previous blog post, “The Rookie Tractor Driver,” we covered planting sweet corn on a Missouri farm. This week, I returned to the farm to check on the status of the crop.

5.11.15 corn spiking_1673I have to admit: I was more than a little excited to visit the sweet corn planted on April 15. After meeting the farmer, Warren, at the shed to say hello, I led my colleagues, Erin and Ben, out to the patch of ground where the sweet corn was popping out of the ground. My excitement level caused me to walk at least 8 to 10 feet ahead of Erin and Ben.

We arrived at the plot, and sure enough, there were four nice, clean rows of sweet corn emerged from the ground. I felt relieved that there was corn there. There was a certain satisfaction in seeing the corn come to life.

The corn was at the V2-V3 stage, which means it has two full leaves with another nearly full.
5.11.15 Nick corn_1674

Warren said there hasn’t been much rain since we planted, maybe two-tenths of an inch. That’s ok, for now, as the corn is establishing deeper roots in searching for water. Rain is in the forecast for the weekend, which is pretty timely.

The corn is still on pace for a mid-July harvest. I hope to keep up with the progress throughout the summer.

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