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Elders Smile as Monsanto Singapore Team Shows They Care

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Distributing health and nutrition items to elderly citizens.

Distributing health and nutrition items to elderly citizens.

Singapore is the headquarters of the Monsanto Asia-Pacific region and home to nearly 85 employees who enable and support our farmer-focused operations in the other ten countries in the region. Singaporeans have a strong sense of community, and so the Monsanto Singapore team organizes charitable and social initiatives to enabling sharing this spirit.

During the recent Lunar New Year, Monsanto Singapore employees visited elders at the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities (THKMC) home and presented New Year “goodie bags.”

The Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities (THKMC), established in 1978, operates more than 60 charitable services for the elderly as well less-fortunate residents in Singapore and was chosen for their track record of commendable work.

The Monsanto employees initially planned to present goodie bags consisting of health and nutrition items to 50 elders. However, a high level of interest and participation by Monsanto Singapore employees doubled the project giveaways to 100 goodie bags. The bags were assembled by both employees with their families at home as well as by teams in the office.

At the Lunar New Year event, Lin Yau Yeng, center manager-THKMC, shared an introduction of the organization and its work, and the Monsanto employees presented the Lunar New Year goodie bags to the elderly afterwards.

“It was great to see the smiling faces of the elderly when we presented the gifts to them,” said Christine Koh, who works as a Credit and Treasury Analyst in the Monsanto Singapore team. “Their smiles really touched our hearts.”

“It was my first time participating in such an initiative,” said Angela Woo, an accountant in the Monsanto Singapore team. “I felt enriched by this experience. Interacting with the elderly and seeing their happy faces when they see young people willing to spend time with them really touched me. In our modern life, most of us are so busy either chasing our dreams or deadlines that we tend to forget to stop and just spend time with the people around us. I felt that I gained more than what I gave that day.”

Juan Farinati, Vice President, Monsanto Asia Pacific also added, “My deep thanks foes to our Singapore colleagues for their generosity to the elderly, and am looking forward to our company and employees continuing to contribute in meaningful ways.”

Members of the Monsanto Singapore team.

Members of the Monsanto Singapore team.

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