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Breeding Station Bangalore Team Campaigns for Road Safety Awareness

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The Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently celebrated National Road Safety Week. The Monsanto Breeding Station in Bangalore, comprised of Vegetable R&D and Row Crop breeding teams, contributed to this event by leading a road safety awareness campaign. The local vehicular traffic—relatively high on this narrow route winding through hillocks with several blind curves—consists of both four and two-wheeler traffic. Due to the difficult terrain and lack of disciplined driving, many serious collisions typically occur on this road.

All employees, including the leadership team from MBS Bangalore, organized a unique campaign on two and four-wheeler driving safety. Employees gathered in six locations along the road and distributed over 200 handouts to local people traveling on the road. These handouts provided important messages about wearing helmets, using seat belts, and warning against drinking and driving as well as mobile use while driving.

“This was a great example of MBS Bangalore employees showing care and concern for the community,” said K.C. Ravi, Asia Testing and Operations team lead and India Vehicle Safety team (IVST) member. “In the past, various employees have also helped road accident victims with timely first aid.”

The community appreciated this effort, expressed gratitude to the team, and acknowledged that the information shared was very valuable. The MBS Bangalore team interacted and coached several bus drivers not wearing seat belts, two-wheeler riders not wearing helmets, as well as parents dropping their kids off at school on two wheelers who were not wearing helmets.

“This initiative by Monsanto is very useful. It will influence the community and especially the young children who sometimes do not pay heed to advice from parents,” said one mother during the coaching interaction.

4 Responses to "Breeding Station Bangalore Team Campaigns for Road Safety Awareness"

  1. This indeed is a great team work in spreading the awareness of vehicle safety in India where the adherence to safety guidelines is minimal. The team has done an excellent job in talking to various sets of vehicle drivers. The receptivity is evident and the commitment provided by the people indicates the rigour of communication. Well done team, kudos.


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