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Monsanto Philippines talks with Mindanao university students on global agriculture and food sustainability

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Mon Phil StudentsMonsanto Philippines recently received a warm welcome from 866 university students who attended its briefing on sustainability, food, partnerships and career building.

Monsanto recently conducted a seminar on ‘Monsanto,& the Work that We Do’  at the Mindanao State University (MSU) which was attended not only by the students but also by most of the faculty members of the University’s College of Agriculture.  The Monsanto Philippines Team of Cherie Ocampo , Human Resources Lead; Gabby Romero, Regulatory Affairs Lead;  Jorgen Abellera,  Corn Breeder and Plant Pathology Lead for Asia Pacific and Chat Ocampo,  Corporate Engagement Lead  exchanged perspectives with MSU students and faculty members on the challenges and solutions to achieve global food and agriculture sustainability; the role of farmers, better seeds, plant biotechnology products and crop management practices to produce better food using fewer natural resources; the need for new partnerships especially public-private sector partnerships; and the purpose-filled personal development opportunities of working in a company like Monsanto.

Meantime, Campaign Sales Executive and MSU alumna, Aireen Gile,  shared how her work at Monsanto has provided her with the tools to make a significant contribution to society and make her reach greater even heights both at the personal and professional levels.

Dean Helen Perpetua profusely thanked Monsanto for conducting the seminar saying that the young people are catalysts for economic  growth and development . Dean Perpetual also said she looked forward “to a fruitful partnership with Monsanto in providing opportunities for the Filipino youth, especially in Mindanao.”

Monsanto Philippines plans to reach out to more colleges and universities as more and more members of academe see the need to explain agricultural biotechnology not only to students but members of their faculty as well.

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