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Working Together to Feed the Future

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By Lisa Safarian
North America Business Lead

As a mom and a member of the team at Monsanto, I’m focused on food pretty much 24/7, whether it’s thinking about meals for my family or working with farmers to help produce better harvests.

That’s only compounded for me when we talk about our aspirations of helping make a balanced plate of healthy food accessible to the more than 9 billion people that will be on earth by 2050. I know it is nothing short of a huge challenge.

But what’s really exciting to me is that across the agriculture, food and scientific communities, there are incredibly passionate and talented people making progress toward sustainable solutions every day.

And by committing ourselves to collaboration – because these issues are too big for any one person, company, organization or government to tackle alone – we can turn progress into results.

120114 Feeding the Future logoThat’s why I’m proud that Monsanto is serving as a co-sponsor of The Washington Post’s “Feeding the Future” forum this week. This is an important venue for business, NGOs and government leaders to continue the dialogue and share new ideas on our food supply, growing population and environment.

I’m looking forward to participating in these conversations, sharing some of the things we’re working on at Monsanto, and learning from the experiences of others in their work toward our shared goal: helping to make a balanced meal more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

I encourage anyone with an interest in this discussion to view the Feeding the Future livestream beginning at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 3, and to join the ongoing conversation about sustainable farming at discover.monsanto.com.


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