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Encouraging Climate Smart Farming In Australia

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The pivotal role of innovation in improving the sustainability and competitiveness of Australian farmers was the focus of the company’s local management team at recent forums held in Melbourne.

11.21.14 MON Melbourne forum CEDASpeaking at the annual conference of respected farm research body, the Australian Farm Institute, the company’s Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand, Daniel Kruithoff, discussed Monsanto’s investment in Climate Corp and the role of data analytics in improving farmers’ yields and sustainability.

“It is well documented that productivity growth in many parts of Australian agriculture has flatlined. Finding new ways to improve our productivity performance is only getting harder.

“Harnessing the power of information and data, however, is rapidly becoming the new frontier for farmers and agribusinesses alike to improve yield and efficiency.

“The agriculture sector’s investment in digital technology and data analytics demonstrates the industry’s confidence in the value these platforms will provide farmers in the years ahead and make a real difference in improving their competitiveness and sustainability,” Daniel told the conference.

The company’s local head of corporate affairs, Adam Blight, chaired a Monsanto-sponsored forum on the future of agriculture held by the prominent think tank, the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).

Attendees heard from Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Senator Richard Colbeck, as well as an Assistant Secretary of the agriculture department’s research bureau and the Executive Chairman of a commodities trader.

Adam spoke about how science and technology, along with collaboration with government agencies and research institutes, has led to huge improvements in farmer productivity and sustainability over previous decades. Adam also commented that the combination of innovation and partnerships is essential to Australian farmers being able to sustainably meet the rising demand for food and fibre of Asia Pacific’s rapidly growing middle-class.

These forums highlight Monsanto’s active engagement with farmers, policymakers, industry leaders and the wider community to encourage the adoption of technologies and practices that help us produce more food using less natural resources.

The company will also continue to use forums such as these to advocate for the local farmers which produce the high quality food and fibre they are renowned for.

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