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Some of the Best Conversations Happen In The Field

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Lisa Safarian, North America Commercial Lead

When I’m not talking to growers, I’m often on the sidelines of a baseball diamond somewhere in the Midwest cheering on my son and his team.

Recently, one afternoon at the baseball field, another mom and I were catching up and she mentioned she’d been reading a lot about Monsanto online. I could tell from the look on her face she was surprised and puzzled.

“How can you work at such a place,” she asked. “I mean…I know you. Why is it that what I read about your company online is so different than what I know about you?”

After taking a deep breath, I simply told her what I know and see every day at work.

I shared with her how I’m surrounded by some of the hardest working and most dedicated people I’ve ever known; all focused on helping farmers with better solutions to help nourish our growing world.

As we talked, the values we shared became clear; like how important sustainability is for the future of our kids and their children. And I was able to listen to her and talk with her about how my work involves collaborating with farmers and others to help conserve precious resources, like water and soil, to help make agriculture even more sustainable than before.

And I spoke with her as a wife and a mom of three kids – where… just like her – nothing is more important to me than ensuring my family enjoys a safe and balanced meal to sustain and nourish them in all that they do.

As we talked, we learned and we shared more in common than just being baseball moms. And I felt really good she was able to discover a little more about my company than what she had read online.

Conversations like this one aren’t easy. In fact, they can be downright uncomfortable. But, I’m so glad she asked the question.  And frankly, my colleagues and I know we need to do even more to reach out and let people know about what we do each and every day.

To that very point, we’re going to be reaching out a lot more. We’ve launched a new website at discover.monsanto.com where anyone can ask questions and people just like me will write or post a short video answering them.

We’re going to be encouraging people to join in on the conversation through new print, TV and digital advertisements and we’ll look forward to having a dialogue with folks through our social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and on this blog.

In short, whether on the side of a ball field or at the dinner table, I know people have questions and my colleagues and I are ready and interested in striking up a conversation.

And just like that afternoon at the ball diamond, I know some of the very best conversations start with a question. And I know we look forward to yours.



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