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The Fabric of Change

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The worlds of fashion and agriculture don’t often come together. But that’s exactly what happened when Monsanto’s team in Camaçari, Brazil, set out to reduce its impact on the environment.

10.14.14 Woman Sewing 9996 SMUnemployment in the region is a very serious concern, especially for women, who only make up a small portion of the workforce today. Months ago, the women of Camaçari’s community center began a sewing and art project to help provide new job opportunities, thanks to local organizations that provided sewing machines and lessons.

When Monsanto learned of the project, we offered the women materials that we could not use – including unused plastic cargo liners and employee uniforms – in an effort to provide them with starter fabric.

10.14.14 Pile of Bags 0129 SMThe seamstresses joined with a local fashion designer and artist, who hand-sketched designs for colorful and useful accessories like pencil cases, backpacks, purses, and shopping bags, all developed using these recycled materials.

Watch The Fabric of Change to see how teamwork, passion and creativity can turn a simple recycling effort into new opportunity and hope for the future.
Today, the seamstresses have received orders from three companies, all due in part to the following partners:

Center for Productive Activities and Autonomous Producers of Camaçari, CASP
City of Camaçari
Antonio Costa da Silva, CASP
Deo Senna, Designer
Grupo GPS
Log-In Logistica Intermodal
MCE Engenharia
Outlet Premium Salvador
Iza Perera, CASP

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