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Brazilian Journalists Visit with American Farmers

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In the spirit of sharing more information and fostering discussion with others around the challenges of producing food and the technologies that can help with this challenge, Monsanto Brazil invited reporters from the Brazilian newspapers Valor Econômico and Correio Braziliense, and the TV channel Terra Viva, to meet with farmers in the U.S., attend the Farm Progress show and tour Monsanto’s facilities.

“We want to have conversations about food and an open dialog about our products and the latest technologies that are going to help farmers produce more in a sustainable way. Plus, while farms back in their country are being prepared for planting, Brazilians can see firsthand our products in the field that are just a month or so away from actual harvest,” says Jesus Madrazo, Vice President of Corporate Engagement.

The main concern the journalists expressed was regarding productivity on the farm. Producer Rick Elliott show them how he was investing in various types of technology such as the services offered by Climate Corp and Precision Planting, as well as seeds that contained biotechnology. “It is the continued use of technology that has made us so productive”, said Mr. Elliot.

9.22.14 Brazilian journalists tour Elliott farm - coverageAsked by journalists about the benefits of biotechnology for agribusiness, Elliott said that in addition to increased yield, Bt seeds are essential for the success of the crop. He also noted that he created a group of producers to collect information and set up a database and, thus, improve the quality of production even further. “The ultimate goal is having producers working together to improve profitability. We collect data to analyze, together, if it is worth investing in certain technologies and agronomic practices”.

The journalist’s feedback on the farm tour was very positive. Terra Viva TV Channel, of TV Bandeirantes, made a series of five news reports on the channel. They thanked Monsanto for telling its stories and talking about the new products they have to offer to the market.
9.22.14 Brazilian journalists tour Elliott farm - TV coverage




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