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Talking with People in New Venues and Channels

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By Natalie DiNicola
Sustainability and Partnerships

I am a mother, a cyclist, a scientist and a Monsanto employee. I care about my family and friends, my community, and the environment. I care about alleviating hunger both abroad and here at home in the United States, and this is why I am excited about what we’re doing here at Monsanto.  And I’m eager for people to know more about our collaborations and work, and to learn about ways we can do more to make a positive impact.

I believe that an open conversation is needed surrounding food and agriculture. At Monsanto, we are committed to reaching out to new audiences to participate in this conversation in new and different ways – and with audiences with whom we haven’t always connected in the past.

That means we’re having conversations in new venues, like the Aspen Ideas Festival and in the Huffington Post.  And it also means we’re participating in new conversations on social media.  Moms, students, farmers, and others are reaching out on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other channels online wanting to talk about GMOs, agriculture and their food.  Now more than ever, we at Monsanto are committed to being an active part of these online conversations.

So whether it’s showing up at new conferences, or sitting down to introduce ourselves to a new group of bloggers, we are committed to showing up – and listening – in these new venues and new online channels.

Sustainability is largely about seeking the views of different stakeholders to understand their priorities and how your company can make a difference.  Discussions with moms, bloggers and people from all walks of life are important opportunities to hear different points of view and to share information about our collaboration with farmers and others. Our goal is to help make a more balanced meal accessible to everyone, and to do so while making a smaller impact on the environment.

If you want to be a part of the conversation, I would like to invite you to join in on Twitter at @MonsantoCo, on Facebook at Facebook.com/MonsantoCo. And explore our blog here. You can also read more about our work at discover.monsanto.com.

1 Responses to "Talking with People in New Venues and Channels"

  1. Change begins in conversation. When ideas meet, conjoin, and become better, human progress marches forward. No good idea got better in isolation. Companies, nonprofits, activists – people – need to meet more, not less. The molecular biologist Francois Jacob said, “to create is to recombine.” As with molecular biology, so with ideas. When our ideas meet and recombine, we march forward together.

    Too often today people “cherry-pick the news” – seeking out only opinions and data that reinforce their own. We need more organizations and venues committed to bringing people of diverse view points together. The balkanization of ideas, an autarky of intellect, benefits no one. The more we converse, the more we progress.


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