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Setting the record straight on Monsanto’s collaboration with Tekmira

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There have been recent rumors that Monsanto has partnered with the Department of Defense to work with Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation to develop a vaccine against Ebola. This rumor is exactly that: a rumor.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide sustainable solutions for agriculture, Monsanto has been partnering with others who are experts in their fields. At Monsanto, we recognize that the best solutions come from collaboration. Tekmira is a leading developer of delivery and formulation technology within the pharmaceutical industry. Our agreement with Tekmira specifically relates to their proprietary delivery and formulation technology, and will allow us to access their technology for use in the field of agriculture. This research collaboration specifically focuses on the development of new innovative agricultural biological solutions for farmers.

Agricultural biologicals are foliar or seed treatment products that are based on or containing a living organism.  They have the potential to complement or replace traditional fertilizers and chemicals, thus helping lower the environmental impact of agriculture. Agricultural biologicals will also help to provide farmers with additional choices for disease, weed and insect control providing durability to the system as a whole.

We are deeply concerned about the recent outbreak of Ebola, and our greatest sympathies go out to those affected by this tragic infection. While we are not involved in developing pharmaceutical products, we are genuinely hopeful that a treatment will be found and that lives can be saved.

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