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Watermelons Around the World

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Whether it’s the size, shape, color, pattern design, or even the seed count, watermelons vary in physical appearance all across the globe. For example, Americans love their watermelon seedless, covered in stripes, and often in a smaller size, Aussies prefer a melon with a deep green rind and a more round shape, while Japan is famous for their cube and heart-shaped varieties.

Differences aside, the reality is that we all may have our own preferences on what we believe a watermelon should look like, but one thing remains the same from country to country, the world can’t get enough of its sweet taste.


3 Responses to "Watermelons Around the World"

  1. I checked about 4 varieties from Monsanto pipe line in 2006. Good shape and nice resistant but didnt get that seeds untill now. So useless for checking and waste the cost.

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