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Building Bridges through Dialogue

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Robb Fraley on stage with Chef Michael Chiarello and Cory Johnson of CoryTV at the Bloomberg Next Big thing Summit.

Robb Fraley on stage with Chef Michael Chiarello and Cory Johnson of CoryTV at the Bloomberg Next Big thing Summit.

By Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Good collaboration and communication are just as important as good science. In that spirit, I’m focused this week on building bridges with others who share the goals of safe, sustainable and affordable food for all.

At Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing panel in Sausalito, California, I sat down with Cory Johnson of Bloomberg TV and Chef Michael Chiarello to talk about forming diverse partnerships in search of common food solutions. This is a critical discussion in the food world because so many different groups have valuable perspectives to contribute.

In my first Linkedin Influencer post, “Why Good Science Isn’t Enough,”I talk about my career journey at Monsanto and my path toward understanding how progress thrives on openness and inclusiveness.  Feeding a growing population in sustainable ways requires that we all work together and we’re eager to engage people in transparent dialogue. As always, I welcome any comments you’re willing to share.

Today I head to San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club with a similar goal – to work toward solutions for sustainability in agriculture.  I’ll be joined by Grist Food Writer Nathanael Johnson, Lundberg Family Farms’ Jessica Lundberg, and the Center for Food Safety Founder Andrew Kimbrell. I truly believe we all have shared values and that our discussion will work toward finding a common ground.

My final stop of the week will be in America’s farming heartland, Iowa. I have the privilege of visiting with farmers in Des Moines, Ankeny, and Huxley to talk about shared values, sustainability solutions and collaboration with farmers.

While many important discussions will happen this week, this is just part of our broader effort to continue dialogue around key issues impacting us all. The differences we have are nothing compared to the common ground we share and the opportunities to solve big problems.

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