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Where Do You Work? Part III

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By Brendan Hinchey
Corn Transformation Team

Well, I am still out there, facing outward even a little more, and still trying the live the “I work for Monsanto mantra.”  And in the last if the “Where do you work?” trilogy, I wanted to share a short story that shows how it can go full circle.

Last weekend was a bit of an event in Mystic, Connecticut, as March Against Monsanto got some coverage and over passionate 100 protesters.  And on Memorial Day weekend, should we assume they didn’t make the cut for the family cookout?  The Saturday protest got a little coverage in the local paper with a picture and short and less than glowing story.

As you often need to do we hit grocery story on Sunday for some weekend supplies and I ran into an old friend, who I hadn’t seen in quite some time and he asked about the excitement at our facility as some others did as well.  I joked if he enjoyed participating and found it productive and his response was very insightful.  He simply replied, “I have no concerns about anything you are involved with, I know you.”

We talked some more of the protest and then more about my kids and what we had been up to.  It was great to see him. As we drove home, I thought more about what he said, and it got me thinking.  His response on the protest showed that, to some degree, our personal reputation can be Monsanto’s reputation.

I work with so many great people who volunteer coaching, at food banks, tutoring or at animal shelters. I encourage you to log those hours on Monsanto Together* and share your story. Because collectively, it is our story.


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*Monsanto Together is the company’s voluntarism program that connects Monsanto employees to volunteer activities.

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