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Monsanto Fund Donates Truck to the Food Bank of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

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A ceremony was held recently to celebrate the donation of a closed-box truck to the Food Bank of Los Mochis in Sinaloa, Mexico. The truck, with a capacity for 20 tons, was purchased with help from the Monsanto Fund, thanks to the sponsorship of employees located in northern Sinaloa State.

The vehicle will aid the Food Bank in its mission to bring food to communities of high poverty and improve efficiency in the collection and transportation of food donated by businesses, local producers, supermarkets, banks and other foundations. It is expected to generate a substantial increase in both the organization’s ability to transport food and the number of beneficiaries – by 5 percent in urban areas and 25 percent in rural areas. Additionally, a significant reduction is expected in the time it takes for collection and distribution, allowing more perishable products.

The impact of the donation will reach 83 communities in four counties in the State of Sinaloa. The donation will also encourage the exchange of food surpluses with other regional aid banks, such as Mazatlán, Culiacán, Guamúchil and Guasave. It is estimated that it will have a direct benefit for around 8,600 people and an indirect benefit for more than 40,000.

Attendees at the event included Arturo Duarte, Mayor of Ahome; Luis Elizondo, president of the Food Bank of Los Mochis; Omar Ayala, Under Secretary for Human Development in Sinaloa;  Manuel Bravo, President and CEO for Monsanto in Latin American north; and representatives from Monsanto’s Supply Chain, Seed Operations, Corporate Communicates and the Los Mochis Site.

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