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On Tuesday, about 100 Monsanto employees participated in a volunteer event with the American Red Cross – Greater St. Louis Region. The focus was assembling emergency preparedness kits, and the recipient organization is the Alliance to End Hunger. As Dick Clark, chairman of the board of directors for the Red Cross in St. Louis, said Tuesday in a post here, this kits can make a huge difference when people confront disasters and emergencies.

The event was livetweeted via Twitter, and what follows are some of the tweets and photographs. Red Cross 2

@myharper0921:  #beredcrossready Getting ready to give back! pic.twitter.com/SHrDS3LUfT

@PAVAQU: #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/O5vQBjty4c @MonsantoCo: About 100 #Monsanto employees working today w/ @stlredcross on emergency preparedness kits #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/hSFHrw6kFx

@MonsantoCo: American Red Cross / @stlredcross on the list for GiveStL Day today. Info here: givestlday.org #beredcrossready Red Cross 1

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto employees starting work on the preparedness kits #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/FnHbzhk8iA @stlredcross

@stlredcross: So excited to be partnering with @MonsantoCo today to assemble preparedness kits for US famlies! #beRedCrossready pic.twitter.com/OyYxLAhEuH

@MonsantoCo: For 97 years, @stlredcross has provided comfort, care & necessities to people affected by disasters. #beredcrossready Red Cross 7

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto supports emergency preparedness through partnership w/ @stlredcross https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-0d1Tp31lE #beredcrossready

@MonsantoCo: . @stlredcross assists military families in times of financial crisis. #beredcrossready

@RobbFraley: Volunteering for a good cause with fellow @MonsantoCo colleagues #beredcrossready, about to stuff  preparedness kits pic.twitter.com/GaFy6pYjbu redcross question

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto employees starting work on the preparedness kits #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/FnHbzhk8iA

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto employees are learning & volunteering w/ @stlredcross at the same time #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/oNtrt4CjRP Red Cross 6

@MonsantoCo: Some 2000 people volunteer for the St. Louis Red Cross, serving St. Louis city & 66 surrounding counties in MO and IL. #beredcrossready

@MonsantoCo: @stlredcross launched the Ready Rating preparedness program in 2009. readyrating.org #beredcrossready

@MonsantoCo: At @stlredecross volunteer event, @RobbFraley leading his team in assembling the preparedness kits. #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/so983IUmzn

@MonsantoCo: @stlredcross is always seeking volunteers – you can apply here: redcross.org/mo/st-louis/vo… #beredcrossready

@myharper0921: #beredcrossready working hard to help preparedness in an emergency pic.twitter.com/QS1EfnrGbH

@PAVAQU: #beredcrossready Great job with the Red Cross!!! Thanks for the opportunity to volunteer. pic.twitter.com/sv13wg6WTo

@BelingLuiz: #beredcrossready. Team corn! pic.twitter.com/ucx7XYTlSp

Red Cross Team Pic

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto employee teams finishing up with packing preparedness kits for @stlredcross #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/cpOrWTYd7Q

@BelingLuiz: #beredcrossready. Team having fun while helping families. Thanks Red Cross for the opportunity. pic.twitter.com/E45MT8k37j

@myharper0921: #beredcrossready teamwork! pic.twitter.com/PPGuSamQXP

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto employees & @stlredcross assembling  preparedness kits for Alliance for Hunger alliancetoendhunger.org  #beredcrossready

@MonsantoCo: You can follow St. Louis Red Cross on Twitter at @stlredcross. #beredcrossready

@MonsantoCo: Great event today. Our thanks to @stlredcross for their help and support – “Preparedness and teamwork go hand in hand” #beredcrossready

@PAVAQU: #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/AK4Oh5pNnaH

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto employee team pic from @stlredcross volunteer event today. #beredcrossready pic.twitter.com/7OMqN5PIt0

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