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American Red Cross and Monsanto Partner to Ensure Community Preparedness

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By Dick Clark
American Red Cross
Greater St. Louis Region

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(Note: Today, Monsanto employees are volunteering to assemble preparedness kits for the American Red Cross.)

From single family fires to tornadoes, disaster can strike at any moment.  Planning ahead and preparing for emergencies can make a lifesaving difference.

American Red Cross Preparedness Kits ensure that during a disaster, residents have the items they need, and when they need them most.  Although a kit is a simple step to preparedness, a recent Red Cross survey showed that only 28 percent of American households have them on hand. We know in a disaster, when supplies like food, water, and medicine are unavailable or in short supply, crises occurs. We also know those with preparedness kits feel more secure. After a disaster, those with supplies don’t wait in long lines and instead begin their journey to recovery.

Monsanto’s gift of time and resources today will mean those in our at-risk communities will have essentials in their darkest hours.  Thanks to the volunteer work of Monsanto employees, these kits will be distributed in communities that suffer a disproportionate share of disasters.  We know these kits help families recover after an emergency, whether a fire or storm or power outage.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross Greater St. Louis Region, I have seen the Red Cross bring relief in countless times after home fires, floods and tornadoes, and I know what a difference preparedness makes. As a former member of the Monsanto team, I also know Monsanto’s deep commitment to safety and planning.  The Red Cross is proud to partner with Monsanto in building resilient communities—communities that can bounce back after a disaster.

This commitment to community resilience must reach home, where we prepare ourselves and encourage our friends and families to do the same. By building preparedness kits for people who really need them, Monsanto has made the first step in preparing at-risk communities for emergencies.

For the Red Cross, I want to thank Monsanto, a long-time supporter and a partner dedicated to our common mission of safety and emergency preparedness. Monsanto is an inaugural and active member of the Ready Rating™ program, a free Red Cross initiative that teaches businesses, organizations and schools how to become better prepared for emergencies. There is no doubt that the efforts of Monsanto and the American Red Cross have saved lives, and with your work to prepare vulnerable communities, we will continue to do it together.  Thank you.

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