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The #WalmartExpo via Twitter

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Walmart's McMillon, Cargill's Page, DFA's Smith, and Monsanto's Grant

Walmart’s McMillon, Cargill’s Page, DFA’s Smith, and Monsanto’s Grant

This morning, Walmart hosted the first Sustainability Product Expo at its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. CEOs of a number of key suppliers, including Hugh Grant of Monsanto, were invited to speak and highlight pledges the companies were making to support overall sustainability goals as well as goals established by Walmart for sustainability in its own operations. The event was well-tweeted, even becoming a trending topic on Twitter for about an hour.

Below are the tweets by @MonsantoCo, ending with the news releases issued by Walmart and Monsanto about the conference and commitments. Also included are some of the photos (and what must be, in deference to Ellen DeGeneres and her recent Oscar Awards appearance, the first selfie by a group of CEOs).

@MonsantoCo: Live webcast of WalMart Sustainability Product Expo at http://news.walmart.com/events/sustainability-product-expo-2014  – 8 am CDT today #WalMartExpo

@MonsantoCo: Kathleen McLaughlin, SVP Walmart, opening the Sustainable Product Expo #WalMArtExpo

@MonsantoCo: Manuel Gomez, Walmart VP Sustainability, welcoming the audience at #WalmartExpo

@MonsantoCo: RT @jennaepetersen: Walmart wants to make sustainability accessible to the average consumer without the markup. #walmartexpo #wmtmoms

@MonsantoCo: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon: Walmart focused sustainability efforts 1st on own operations #WalmartExpo

@MonsantoCo: Walmart’s McMillon: Sustainability improved Walmart’s bottom line #WalmartExpo Webcast: news.walmart.com/events/sustain…

@MonsantoCo: Walmart’s McMillion — today we’re creating a conversation that will lead to more progress in sustainabilty #WalmartExpo


The Sustainale Ag Panel signs their commitments

The Sustainale Ag Panel signs their commitments

@MonsantoCo: #WalmartExpo panel: Hugh Grant of Monsanto, Rick Smith, Dairy Farmers of America & Greg Page, Cargill

@MonsantoCo: Cargill pledges to double NextField acres to one million by 2020 #WalmartExpo

@MonsantoCo: Rick Smith, Dairy Farmers: DFA will have 90% of farms in Gold Standard Dairy Program by 2020 #WalmartExpo

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant speaking with sustainable ag panel at #WalmartExpo. Webcast: http://news.walmart.com/events/sustainability-product-expo-2014

tillage-graphic#Monsanto pledges improvement in nitrogen use efficiency/greenhouse gas emission on 1M US acres by 2020 – CEO Grant at #WalmartExpo

#Monsanto has pledged to cut global H2O footprint – improve irrigation efficiency by 25% by 2020 – CEO Grant #WalmartExpo

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto water pledge includes owned, leased & contracted land used to produce seeds globally. #WalmartExpo.

monsanto-water-commitment@MonsantoCo: Background on what #Monsanto is doing to address the challenges of water. http://www.monsanto.com/improvingagriculture/pages/monsanto-and-water.aspx#WalmartExpopic.twitter.com/lwtBUM1ACT

@MonsantoCo:#Monsanto + partners work to build more sustainable future w/ variety of solutions/choices for farmers #WalmartExpo pic.twitter.com/0aQFSWRBJh

@MonsantoCo: RT @DaveStangis: First signing ceremony. #sustainability goals and targets. #walmartexpo pic.twitter.com/idkgqo7a4V

@MonsantoCo: RT @ScottB_Engr: Campbell’s, Kellogg, PepsiCo, & General Mills CEOs sharing sustainability stories w/ Walmart CEO Doug M. #WalmartExpo


All of the CEOs announcing sustainability commitments at the Expo

All of the CEOs announcing sustainability commitments at the Expo

@MonsantoCo: RT @MichaelKDoane: Ken Powell, General Mills CEO – 2.5 million acre sustainability goal in partnership w/ @FieldtoMarket #walmartexpo

@MonsantoCo: CEOs of Kelloggs, Pepsico, General Mills, Campbell Soup sign pledges at #walmartexpo pic.twitter.com/65oNtAe7qw

@MonsantoCo: CEOs of Cargill, Dairy Farmers of America & Monsanto earlier at #WalmartExpo pic.twitter.com/26zRguKlKL

@MonsantoCo: RT @MichaelKDoane: Unilever says 48% of agricultural ingredients at sustainably sourced up from 30% the year prior #walmartexpo

@MonsantoCo: RT @sustainnyc: Huge congrats @robbyk for the launch of the Closed Loop Fund #walmartexpo pic.twitter.com/mkXvtC2Duj

@MonsantoCo: RT @WalmartGreen: We’re all smiles as we formalize our new partnership oppys w/ a #CEOselfie at the #WalmartExpo! pic.twitter.com/UpEEmudi4Q

@MonsantoCo: All of the CEOs at #WalmartExpo after announcing sustainability pledges. pic.twitter.com/zv05M5Iu6I

WalMart CEO Selfie

@MonsantoCo: Walmart Convenes Key Partners at 1st-ever Sustainable Product Expo to Accelerate Supply Chain Innovation businesswire.com/news/home/2014… #WalmartExpo

@MonsantoCo: Monsanto Makes Environmental Commitments, Working in Partnership to Advance Sustainable Agriculture http://news.monsanto.com/press-release/sustainability/monsanto-makes-environmental-commitments-working-partnership-advance-su

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