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Global Harvest Initiative: How Latin America Can Feed the World

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Social Card IIToday, the Global Harvest Initiative is releasing a new report, “How Latin America Can Feed the World.” This major, collaborative policy report provides a rationale for why Latin America has a critical role to play in helping to feed the world.

The report includes a detailed menu of recommendations and specific examples of partnerships that illustrate how countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Central America (LAC) can harness their potential to more productively and sustainably be a regional and global breadbasket for food, fiber, feed and fuel demand. The report focuses on key elements of food supply and food availability and also discusses the role of regional and global trade.

Why the need for the report now? According to GHI, “Presently close to 1 billion people on our planet lack the right food and nutrition to lead healthy, productive lives.  By 2050, the population will increase to over 9 billion from today’s population total of 7 billion. As our global population increases, and as several billion people move into the middle class, they will begin to consume more food, and higher amounts of protein and more varied diets. Meeting these new demands will place great strain on our environment and agriculture systems.”

The next 10 to 20 years offer a critical window of opportunity to advance new forms of productive and environmentally sustainable agriculture in regions such as LAC to be part of the solution, GHI says.  In particular, investments in agricultural research and development require sufficient lead time to create impact at the farm level, so putting in place and ramping up investments in R&D must happen NOW to ensure impact in the next decades.

The reports are available online in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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