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Five Reasons You Need to Know Norm Borlaug

Dr. Norman Borlaug will forever be known as the Father of the Green Revolution for his life saving advancements in wheat breeding. This week, the world celebrates Norm on his 100th birthday. Here are five reasons we heart Norm.

1. He saved a billion people.

1_-_CrowdedArea_201403200838441[1]Dr. Borlaug’s research led to new wheat varieties that averted a massive starvation looming in India and Pakistan. And that’s why he’s called “the man who saved a billion lives.”



2. He was creative.


He modified crops in ways no one had ever done before. Breeding seeds in two different locations, in two different climates. It went against conventional scientific wisdom and produced multiple breakthroughs at a hurry-up pace.




3. He was a champion.


Dr. Borlaug was a champion for farmers in developing countries who had little land to work with. He wanted them to have every tool to succeed.



4. He never wavered.


He was committed to introducing new seeds in India and Pakistan despite the opposition.




5. He told us what to do next.

5_-_MBBIS_201403200838445Not long before he died, Dr. Borlaug told us to support the next generation of wheat and rice breeders because those crops are so critical to feeding a growing planet. We listened, and created the Beachell-Borlaug International Scholarship Program for students around the world pursuing doctorates in wheat and rice breeding.

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