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Erasmus Students Visit Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Research Site in El Ejido, Spain

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Erasmus LGErasmus students, through the University of Almería, recently had the opportunity to visit the Monsanto Vegetable Research Centre in El Ejido (Almería, Spain), where they toured the site’s vegetable research operations.

Upon arrival, they received information about relevant R&D facts and figures and, were able to learn about Monsanto research sites in Spain, part of the company’s European region.

They also received information about R&D projects in crops like, tomato, cucumber, pepper or melon, together with technologies developed on cell biology. Then, students joined a tour thought the research facilities including pathology laboratory and greenhouses.

The visit took place within the framework of SUS-HORTO project, an international program organized by the University of Almería to provide students from different European countries the opportunity to learn the technical features of the main European system of vegetable production, with a special focus on those technological advances that promote sustainability, quality and food safety.

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