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Fighting Hunger

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Over the next four decades, food production will need to increase, enabling us to combat hunger, malnutrition and meet the needs of changing diets and a growing population. Our people remain committed to investing in agricultural systems that can sustainably support the demands of our growing planet—on the farm or at home.

America’s farmers are among the most productive and efficient in the world. They grow a food supply that is abundant and safe, and, for most American consumers, affordable. However, food insecurity is still a reality for many people in this country.

Rural America is no exception. Nearly 15 percent of rural households are food insecure. That’s around three million households in the farm communities where much of the world’s food supply is raised.

As an agriculture company with deep roots in rural America, Monsanto is committed to helping address this issue.

While we continue to develop tools that help farmers get the most from their land, we know production is only part of the solution. It takes collaboration and people willing to lend a helping hand to get food on the tables of those who need it most. That’s why we’re also focused on fighting rural hunger in America through partnerships and philanthropy.

Tomorrow, in front of an audience of current and aspiring leaders committed to ending hunger in their communities, Monsanto’s Rita Singh, Director, Global Food Security & Development Partnerships, will moderate a panel at the Hunger Free Communities Summit 2014 in Washington, D.C. The panel, which is titled “Engaging the Agricultural Community,” will explore the key role of agricultural groups in building a hunger free community. To learn more about the Summit, go here.

Go here to learn how Monsanto is working to fight hunger.

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