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A Soybean Fix for Cooking Oil

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By Sarah Vacek
Vistive Gold Product Manager

At Monsanto, we have been working for many years to reduce trans and saturated fat from one of the most widely consumed food ingredients: cooking oil.

Traditional cooking oil offers many benefits. It gives fried and baked foods their desired taste and texture and, when hydrogenated, increases the shelf life of processed foods. But, many of the cooking oils used today contain higher than recommended levels of saturated and trans fats, or, “bad” fats1.

soybean_heart_lgEnter Vistive Gold high oleic soybeans. These soybeans can be processed into cooking oil with significantly reduced “bad” fats2, while maintaining or increasing the other benefits of traditional oil. How’d we do it? Turns out the missing ingredient was a dash of innovation.

After many years of research, we were able to use biotechnology to achieve zero trans fat3 by eliminating the need to add hydrogen during oil processing. We were also able to significantly reduce the saturated fat content!

We’re not the only ones excited about this breakthrough. Nutritionists and dietitians are also realizing the potential positive impacts Vistive Gold can have on our diets. See what they have to say about Vistive Gold soybean oil by watching this video:

There are many benefits of Vistive Gold high oleic soybeans, and the below infographic highlights some of them. We’ll also be at the Commodity Classic this week demonstrating Vistive Gold with the help of Todd Jones, CEO of Cuzin’s Duzin, who will be onsite cooking his infamous donuts using Vistive Gold soybean oil.

1. As claimed by the American Heart Association

2. Vistive Gold has 0.5 grams/serving versus 3.0 grams/serving in palm oil; Vistive Gold has 0.5 grams/serving versus 1.5 grams /serving in fry shortening; Vistive Gold has 0.5 grams/serving versus 1.0 grams/serving in conventional soybean oil.

3. As defined by the FDA for Nutrition Facts Panel purposes.


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