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GMO Safety: The Proof Is in the Numbers

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This week’s 2013 Global Biotech Crop Report from ISAAA highlights key milestones in adoption of GMO crops, as well as the expanding range of GMO benefits seen in both developing and industrialized countries.  The agriculture industry continues to make great strides in enabling safe production of nutritious food in a sustainable manner, and biotechnology continues to be a valuable tool in these efforts.


ISAAA’s report updates some of the most important numbers for all of us:  the numbers that demonstrate the proven safety record of GMO products.  The truth of the matter is, no food product has been more thoroughly tested than GMOs, and 30 years of development and growth of GM seeds has resulted in zero GMO food-related safety issues.

We encourage anyone with questions regarding GMO safety to consider these numbers, and to visit the sources listed to find more information.  They provide an important starting point for continuing dialogue on food production.


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