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The Economist’s Feeding the World 2014 Conference

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Photography by @JeffSimmons2050

Photography by @JeffSimmons2050

Today, The Economist Magazine is hosting Feeding the World 2014 in London, “to discuss how to accelerate progress in coordinating efforts to tackle the planet’s food security crisis.” Representatives of industry, government, charitable organizations, academia and aid agencies gathered to discuss an array of issues related to food security. Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant was one of the conference participants and speakers, being interviewed on stage by The Economist’s Emma Duncan.

As most conferences are these days, the event is being livetweeted. We captured a few of the tweets by Grant and others, to provide a glimpse into the conference’s overall discussion.

@MonsantoEurope: Our map of food security projects is filling up fast! @Economist_FTW #econenviro http://t.co/W2a7H79ljI

@MonsantoCo: #Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant talking with @TheEconomist at @Economist_FTW Conference in London http://www.economistinsights.com/sustainability-resources/event/feeding-world-2014 #econenviro

@FertilizerNews: The tools to close the yield gap between Africa and Asia are at hand – Hugh Grant @MonsantoCo @Economist_FTW #econenviro

@Ag4Impact: Hugh Grant @MonsantoCo “need to produce more with less” #sustainable #intensification #MontPanel #econenviro

@MonsantoEurope: #Monsanto ‘s Grant says “We could have been much better at educating consumers” on #GM seeds. #econenviro

@MonsantoEurope: #Monsanto Grant: In early days we believed we were seed co., de minimis part of  food chain. That was wrong #econenviro

@farmingfirst: LIVE: “We need to do more with less. We need sustainable intensification” Hugh Grant #Monsanto cc @Ag4Impact #econenviro

@MonsantoEurope: Grant: Hybrid vigour key to Green Revolution, “travesty that we’re still having this discussion in Africa.” #econenviro

@Ag4Impact: Hugh Grant #Monsanto ‘Limiting factor isn’t technology, it’s partnerships & relationships’ #Foodsecurity #econenviro

@JeffSimmons2050: “40% of #African children malnourished. Wrong & must change”. Sir Gordon Conway #econenviro  http://t.co/bWiRPE8Ztv

@JeffSimmons2050: Corn yields: 400bu/acre in US to 20 in Africa. W/ collaboration potential can be realized.HGrant #Monsanto  #econenviro

@markbuckingham1: #econenviro  Grant “best US corn yields 400 bushels, average 150, Africa is at 20, why not 90-100 like Brazil, India?”

@jonnytench: #econenviro 500 million smallholder farms in the world. 2/3rds of world’s pop. depends on them for food #biz4nutrition

@MonsantoEurope: @FANPRAN: African farmers focus too much on cereals, need to do more with nutrient rich, climate smart crop“ #econenviro

@OneAcreFund: “What ties success of smallholder farmers is distribution: financing, training, inputs, storage”-@HansonSteph #econenviro

@MonsantoEurope: @Fanpran helping w/ license-free technology 4 better cowpeas, other crops in Africa. http://www.monsanto.com/improvingagriculture/Pages/bt-cowpea-partnership.aspx #econenviro

@bandiphillips: @WorldVisionUK brings Southern voices to the @Economist_FTW #econenviro http://t.co/0d2mbxhK6r

The conference is not being webcast or livestreamed. You can, however, follow what’s happening on Twitter by searching the #econenviro hashtag or @Economist_FTW, the Twitter account established by The Economist for the meeting.


Hugh Grant Participates in The Economist’s Feeding the World Conference

Monsanto has a tabletop Food Security Map onwhich meeting attendees could place a note on where they were involved with food security issues

Monsanto has a tabletop Food Security Map onwhich meeting attendees could place a note on where they were involved with food security issues

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