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Extraordinary Young Farmers & Ranchers Step Out of the Box

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This weekend, young farmers and ranchers from around the country met in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I don’t fit the age qualifications nor am I a farmer or rancher. I get to come because we support some of the group’s leadership development programs. And it gives me an incredible opportunity to see & hear about what young farmers & ranchers are facing.

One of those young farmers who’s from the city originally — Lauren Arbogast from a few hours west in this beautiful state — wrote a blog post that touched on some of the subjects discussed yesterday.

City girl – in the city – at a farming conference.

[Why? I’m the peanut to my Farmer’s butter and the better of the two of us to interact with fellow farming humans. So I am the designated “go forth” and represent gal.]

So: National Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference, here I am.

… Needless to say, it can stretch me. And sometimes I stand out. Not intentionally, but in a “I haven’t been doing this my whole life way.”

I’m ok with that. 

Box, be gone. Step out.

Why? Because I know that I belong here. I may not be the one driving the tractor on a regular basis, and my days revolve more around 4 year old humans than 4 year old cows, but I have a part to play in agriculture and a story to tell.

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The thoughts stand out for me in part because as I listened to a speaker yesterday, I put together some of the various things he was saying and I was thinking. It seems to fit with what Lauren was saying….


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