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Wired Features Monsanto’s Vegetable Business

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“In a windowless basement room decorated with photographs of farmers clutching freshly harvested vegetables, three polo-shirt-and-slacks-clad Monsanto execu­tives, all men, wait for a special lunch. A server arrives and sets in front of each a caprese-like salad—tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, lettuce—and one of the execs, David Stark, rolls his desk chair forward, raises a fork dramatically, and skewers a leaf. He takes a big, showy bite. The other two men, Robb Fraley and Kenny Avery, also tuck in. The room fills with loud, intent, wet chewing sounds.”

Wired Magazine has published a feature on Monsanto’s vegetable business, and the advances being made using not genetic modification but traditional crossbreeding. You can read the story at Wired: “What Happens When Monsanto, the Master of Genetic Modification, Decides to Take Nature’s Path?

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