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Monsanto China Completes Fourth Green Village Project

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The fourth project of the Monsanto Fund China Green Village was completed Nov. 28, in which two villages in Henan Province, China were given access to clean water, exercise equipment and teaching aids for local elementary schools.

The U.S. $200,000 project, the fourth Green Village in the country, helped residents in Guangwu County, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China address a number of needs.

Monsanto Fund China

The water supply system used in the villages was built in early 1980s. It fell short of demand in terms of water pressure and supply capacity because of descending water level and serious leaking of the original water towers. In order to solve the problem and improve their lives, three deep wells were dug and five sets of in-depth bumps, three water towers, one removable water tower, one set of towerless water supply and underground water pipe network upgrade were provided. The project has helped 3,000 villagers enjoy easy access to clean and sufficient water.

To better their daily lives, a series of exercise equipment was provided for Nidian Village.

In addition, 15 computers and 50 desks and chairs have been donated to Guangwu First Elementary School.

“Monsanto Company is a 100-percent agricultural company that concentrates on the harmonious development of society and nature as well as its own business development,” said Thierry Boyer, Monsanto China Region Lead. “Monsanto Fund Henan Project is the real action for us to show our gratitude for the community and to carry out our social responsibilities. We hope the project will be something more than fund or material support. The most important thing is to improve the farming community and better their daily lives and educational environment with our contribution, which is meant to honor our commitment in China, ‘In China, For China, With China.’ We believe that we succeed when farmers succeed.”

Dong Rui, Deputy Director of Zhengzhou Municipal Working Commission for Agriculture and Rural Areas, said that the safety of drinking water in farming community is top priority.

“We really appreciate attention and support from the enterprises like Monsanto Company which has a strong sense of social responsibility,” Dong said. “This project has helped the farmers solve the problem of drinking water in short term, while in the long run it will promote the local economy in general.”

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