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Monsanto Named “Young’s Dream Company 2013” in South America

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Monsanto recently was named the No. 6 most desirable company to work for in a survey of university students and recent graduates in South America.

In the survey, taken in spring 2013 by more than 75,000 young adults between ages 17-26, respondents were given the opportunity to choose a preferred employer. In the final list, Monsanto placed No. 6 ahead of such companies as Apple, Disney and IBM.

The unique part of the survey is that 60 percent of the questions are open-ended; students are not provided pre-selected responses, but are asked to list their own preferences. This indicates a high level of awareness of Monsanto.

This survey is prepared annually by the Brazilian Consultant “Compañía de Talentos,” in partnership with Nextview People and TNS Gallup.

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