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Livetweeting #FJForum13

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Farm Journal ForumMonsanto Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robb Fraley spoke at the Farm Journal Forum 13 in Washington, D.C., this morning, talking about science, the regulatory and social landscape, innovation, and the need to produce more food.

As is common at any agriculture meeting (or any meeting, for that matter), a number of people in the audience tweeted Dr. Fraley’s remarks, and they captured the essence of what he said. (AgWeb also published a story about Dr. Fraley’s speech: Fraley: Technology Will Be Key to Feeding World’s Population.)

Here are some of the tweets:

@AgProudRyan: @RobbFraley, @MonsantoCo EVP and CTO, w/ some great thoughts on innovation in ag looking forward. #FJForum13 #agchat

@AgProudRyan: @RobbFraley, @MonsantoCo EVP and CTO, w/ some great thoughts on innovation in ag looking forward. #FJForum13 #agchat

@fitzisit: “If you help a farmer, you are directly affecting hunger” thx – great reframe of challenge before us @RobbFraley #FJForum13

@AgProudRyan: crop #biotech: strong history (20+ yrs) of food safety, fewer/more eff. inputs in crop production #FJForum13 @RobbFraley

@illini73: @RobbFraley “Going beyond biotec, new platforms designed to deliver innovations to meet demands for decades.” #FJForum13

@AgProudRyan: Crop, field data (yield, soil, moisture, slope, etc.) valuable tools we can utilize to improve farming precision #FJForum13

@margiealsbrook: “Tractors today have more computer power than the 1st #NASA spaceship that went to the moon.” #FJForum13

@illini73: @RobbFraley: “The challenge for feeding the world is not the science, but the social and regulatory landscape.” #FJForum13

@margiealsbrook: #Ag needs to understand consumers see #ag companies as start of food chain – Dr. Fraley @FarmersFeeding‘s #FJForum13

@FarmersFeeding: @RobbFraley @MonsantoCo “Challenge for the future isn’t just in the science, challenge is in communication.” #FJForum13

@AgProudRyan: #biotech crops planted in 28+ countries, 400 million acres worldwide in 2012. >90% small holders @RobbFraley #FJForum13

And we’d also like to offer our congratulations to Ryan Goodman, aka @AgProudRyan, of Helena, Montana, for winning the @AlliancetoFeed Communicator of the Year Award. (Photo below of Ryan Goodman video by @MaryEmmaWrites.)

Ag Proud Ryan


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  1. 17 million farmers in 28 countries use biotech; 90% are smallholders; cumulative acres with biotech over past 20 years is 4 BILLION without one instance of food safety violation


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