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Wherever your day takes you, chances are it began with a farmer

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A family gives thanks at the dinner table. A preschooler selects her favorite green crayon. A boy and his friends watch an action flick with a big bowl of popcorn. All of these are treasured moments, but did you know all of these special memories actually began with a farmer?

These are not only moments we can all relate to, but they also highlight the values shared between farmers and consumers. We took the idea of these shared moments and made it core of the next evolution of Monsanto’s “America’s Farmers” advocacy program.

The new program, called “Begins with a Farmer,” aims to build trust in modern agriculture by showing how the people growing the food, clothing and energy – America’s farm families – share the same values as consumers. The program digs behind the facts to tell the real stories of America’s farm families while highlighting the central role they play in all of our everyday lives – from the time we sit down for breakfast until the time we tuck in our kids at night.

Our new “Begins with a Farmer” Program Features…

Continuing the Conversation

Though the program has evolved to be a more personal, comprehensive look at the lives of modern farm families, there are still many stories to be told to continue agriculture’s efforts to reach consumers.

At Monsanto, we’re proud to support the agricultural industry and help farmers serve their communities. We’ll continue our efforts, and we’re hopeful that others will join the cause to educate consumers about the realities of modern agriculture and the central role farmers play in all our lives.

And today, of all days, we express our thanks to farmers and what they do to put food on our tables. This day, too, began with a farmer.

6 Responses to "Wherever your day takes you, chances are it began with a farmer"

  1. Love the commercial Where Ever Your Day Takes You. My wife and I are debating on the voice that is used . Can you solve our debate and tell us who did the female voice over?

  2. I personally find the narrator’s voice so grating that I change the channel as soon as she comes on. The sleepy, scratchy sound is killing it for me. Love the message and campaign, just not the voice.

    • Bob, that’s hilarious that you said this. I have the EXACT same reaction to her voice, it’s so maddening. Is she supposed to sound like she’s been working on the farm all day??


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