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Harvesting Cotton by the Picture

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Last Friday, Monsanto visited with a cotton farmer in southern Missouri as he prepared to begin the harvest. Photographs were taken and posted to Instagram, and we tweeted the day as it unfolded.

Like all best laid plans, an early frost delayed the beginning of harvest until later in the day, and so the farmer did what farmers generally do – used the time to do some equipment maintenance.

Here’s how the day unfolded:

BT Cotton and Farmer Suicides#Monsanto is spending the day with a cotton farmer. See “A Day in the Life of a Farmer” on Instagram! http://instagram.com/monsantoco

Getting ready to spend the day at cotton harvest in southern Missouri #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdGzR3BdPF/

Frost = no harvest until later in morning, but no one gets morning off. Maintenance time! #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdItxEBdBV/

While there’s downtime, start winterizing equipment that’s done for the season #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdPZhShdJh/

Not dry enough yet, but we’ll be back later today. #adayatharvest #harvest13 #cotton http://instagram.com/p/gdRVsZBdLu/

Checking fields. This one needs more leaves to drop so they can get at cotton bolls. #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdbXexhdIe/

Finally after lunch, the fields have dried out enough to resume harvest! #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdmZ9cBdIt/

cotton02_lgAnd we’re finally underway. #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdnkE8hdK

Newer cotton pickers make wrapped modules-giant raw cotton bales – 7 ft across & 5,000 lbs #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdqQJmhdNi/

The modules are lined up awaiting transport to the local Cotton Gin. #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdwIGaBdF6/

Live from the cab! #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gdzAJYBdKD/

Row after row. GPS helps keep the farmers perfectly in line. #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gd3CTthdAO/

Takes whole lot of these fluffy cotton bolls to make a 5,000 pound, 7 foot tall modules. #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gd6oIcBdFc/

Harvested cotton transported to local cotton gin, tagged, weighed, & sent into gin #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/gd-lBuBdL0/

Cotton modules are broken up and run though guns to separate the fibers and seed. #adayatharvest#harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/geHWlqhdJY/

Cleaned cotton fiber packaged into 500-pound bales, wrapped & await shipment to textile mills. #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/geJnkoBdNi/

The cotton seed is separated and held aside to be processed into oil and animal feed. #adayatharvest#harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/geMBBzhdBD/

And so we reach the end of a day at cotton harvest in the boot-heel of Missouri. #adayatharvest #harvest13 http://instagram.com/p/geMWavhdBj/

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