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FFA Students Looking Forward to Learning Leadership Skills, Meeting New People

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By Nick Weber
Corporate Web Team

FFA Jacket EmblemWhen National FFA Convention rolls around, many chapters travel through St. Louis on their way to the host city. Monsanto opens its doors at our two campuses and hosts the chapters for tours. On Tuesday, on their way to the convention in Louisville, Ky., chapters from Kansas and Colorado visited, and we asked them, “What are you looking forward to most at National FFA Convention?”

Here are their responses:

“This will be my third year going. In the past, I have had the opportunity to meet many mentors from across the U.S. I have learned many different ag ideas and how they are active in the ag industry. I am looking forward to learning much more this year.”

“It’s my first time to go to Convention, meet and see all the people in FFA. It opens more FFA opportunities by going to Convention. Become a better FFA member, learn more about FFA.”

“I am looking forward to meeting people that live in different states. It is my first time going. So I hope to gain more knowledge. I am excited to hear what the speakers have to say. I’ve heard that the light show is pretty cool so I am looking forward to that also.”

“This is my fourth convention and I’m still very excited. I’m looking forward to the switch to Louisville and also competing in the Prepared Public Speaking CDE (Career Development Event). The session and speakers are always very fun! ”

“I am looking forward to meeting new people, experiencing new opportunities in the ag world and also the FFA world. As a freshman, I have not had the opportunities to experience everything yet. ”

“The thing that I am most looking forward to is the Career Expo show. I am looking forward to that because I am looking at a career in agriculture and I would like to explore the field more.”

“It’s a new atmosphere, so much Blue & Gold pride. The city opens up and it becomes FFA town. You can meet people from around the world, and you always have an ice breaker to talk to them. Wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons.”

“I am looking forward to learn about leadership skills.”

“I am looking forward to getting to see how other chapters work and getting to work with them, as well as with my chapter. It’s cool getting to see the trip and new areas on the way.”

“I am excited to meet other members from the country that do what I do. I am also excited for the sessions. I went to our State Convention in June, and it was a blast! ”

“I’m looking forward to learning about different fields in agriculture there are and how to be a leader in my life. This will be a great experience! 🙂 ”

“The leadership and the opportunities.”

“I’m looking forward to watching the speech competitions the most.”

“I’m looking forward to the learning part of the trip. I want to see all the speakers and I want to learn about animal science. ”

“I’m looking forward to meeting all the new people and learning about new technology.”

“I am looking most forward to being able to learn some new leadership skills.”

“Expanding my agricultural knowledge.”

“Meeting new people and learning leadership skills.”

“I am looking forward to meeting fellow FFA members and gaining leadership skills.”

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