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Monsanto Supports Indiana FFA through “Farm Safely” Initiative

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By Sean Battles
US Commercial Team

Monsanto’s Specialty Hybrids Team recently sent farm safety packages to northern Indiana FFA chapter advisers during National Farm Safety Week. The educational effort is part of the Specialty Hybrids “Farm Safely” initiative to help farm families keep farm safety top of mind as they go about the daily work of growing crops, tending livestock and operating equipment.

“We’re committed to providing rural communities and farm families with educational materials, resources and staff to establish a safety culture on their farms,” says Marty Huseman, Specialty Hybrids farm safely manager. “A safety culture is a conscious effort to keep safety awareness high and incorporate safe practices into everyday habits.”

In a recent interview with Hoosier Ag Today, Specialty Hybrids Regional Brand Lead Dennis Schlott said: “To us the most important thing a farmer can do is to come home safely to his family every day.” Listen to the full interview here.

The safety packages sent to Indiana FFA advisers included a safety poster, a letter about resources provided through the Specialty Hybrids Farm Safely program and mini first-aid kits for FFA students. The safety packages are part of the overall effort being made by the Farm Safely program, which Specialty Hybrids initiated last year. The goal is to help farmers and their families establish a safety culture in their daily lives.

“Someone from each farm family has to champion farm safety,” says Huseman. “Someone should lead discussions, bring safety into day-to-day operations and encourage a change in practices to incorporate a higher level of safety.”

Through the Farm Safely program, Specialty Hybrids offers resources, interactive demonstrations and presentations on topics such as: how to establish a safety culture, grain handling and storage issues, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and much more. Safety Watch bulletins are available as printed resources for farms on the Specialty Hybrids website.

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