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Bringing the Museum to Children

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Brazil Traveling MuseumBy Brian Russell
Public Affairs 

For children in rural communities in Brazil, the opportunity to visit a museum is rare. Thanks to Monsanto, it doesn’t have to be.

Monsanto is a primary sponsor of Museu Itinerante Monsanto, a traveling museum with reproductions of famous Brazilian and international art focused on the theme of water. The museum travels throughout Brazil, visiting rural cities where it will set up in local public spaces such as libraries, universities or even a mall and offer children and local residents the opportunity to see first-hand reproductions of famous art. An educational book also is available to assist with learning opportunities.

“This is part of Monsanto’s commitment to improve lives by giving these children the opportunity to see high-quality art while at the same time teaching them about water – water conservation, water usage, clean water, etc.,” said Isabela De Marchi, communications and social responsibility coordinator. “The children, many of whom have never left their community, have the opportunity to see art from around the world, while also learning about the importance of water and developing a positive opinion of Monsanto.”

The museum has visited six Brazilian cities since March, spending one month in each, with plans for two more in 2013 and an increase of that number in 2014. Local artists also are invited to present in each city, and local radio and television stations often produce stories on the museum.

Typically when the museum visits a city, local school teachers are trained and offered lesson plans to give to students to prepare them for a field trip to the museum. Also, Monsanto employees in the community are offered a pre-show tour of the museum with their families.

“One of the best parts is the book, which outlines water issues around the world and also describes the different pieces of art,” de Marchi said. “It’s a very nice book and a good way for children to remember their day at the museum.”

Brazil Museum Two Boys

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