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First-aid Training Helps Injured Boy

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By Brian Russell
Public Affairs

Driving her son home from soccer practice on July 30 in Pretoria, South Africa, Rhandzu Shiringani came upon a crowd of people gathered on the side of the road.

She stopped her car and exited to discover a 13-year-old boy bleeding with an open fracture of his leg after being struck by a hit-and-run driver.

“There were people, and I just wanted to stop and see what was happening,” said Rhandzu, a research associate in trait integration.

Luckily for the boy, Rhandzu had recently taken part in a first-aid training course at her Monsanto Petit site. She had a first-aid kit in her car, which she used to stop the bleeding. She then called one of the leaders of the first-aid training class, Gerry McLintock of the first-aid group SATTA, who arranged for an ambulance and instructed Rhandzu on how to assist the boy. SATTA is the company that provides both first-aid training and emergency rescue services for the Monsanto team in South Africa, so such support by phone is part of the package for employees.

“I am grateful I was able to help,” Rhandzu said. “The first-aid training taught me how to respond in this situation.”

Eventually, the ambulance arrived and escorted the boy to the hospital. His parents, too, showed up and thanked Rhandzu for her help.

“One thing Rhandzu noticed is that general public do not know what to do and do not even have emergency numbers on their phones, in case of an emergency,” said Kerry Lainis, Petit site safety manager. “This is why we offer this kind of training – one can never know when it will be useful or who might benefit.”

The injured boy is recovering, with a cast on his leg, and recently returned to school. The driver who struck the boy has not been found.

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