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Monsanto Fund Helps Build School Library in Indonesia

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Herry Kristanto, Corporate Affairs Lead Monsanto Indonesia, shares a story with the students

Herry Kristanto, Corporate Affairs Lead Monsanto Indonesia, shares a story with the students

The Monsanto Fund in Indonesia recently celebrated the completion of an education project in East Java. In July 2013, a ceremony was held to officially open a library for elementary school students. More than 100 students of Darul Fallah elementary school at Bangsal village are now be able to study and read books in the library.

Herry Kristanto, Corporate Affairs Lead for Monsanto Indonesia, said that students in this school previously had a very limited number of books to read. In fact, they didn’t know what a library was.

“We’re glad that one of our education projects in East Java has been accomplished,” he said. “We have supported this school for two years, starting with providing proper classrooms and training the teachers. We also designed their school uniform. Now we are proud that we can deliver our additional promise to build a library and provide books and computers for them to study. We want to build a good education environment for children in this village while they still enjoy their childhood.”

In April, senior leadership members from Monsanto Asia Pacific and Indonesia together with the local community built the groundwork for the library. After three months of development, the library is now ready to be used.

In Indonesia, the Monsanto Fund is involved in various initiatives, mainly providing access to clean water and education program for communities. Through education programs, the Monsanto Fund in Indonesia ensures that various factors necessary for quality education are addressed, such as teacher education, community involvement in education, classroom construction, development and supply of materials.

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