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Where do “ag girls” fit in a crowd of thousands of bloggers?

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Last week, thousands of women from all over the US who are passionate about blogging packed suitcases, finalized child care and loaded their technology up for BlogHer ’13. The words BlogHer ’13 probably don’t mean much to many of you, but for women who blog, it is the one time of the year where women from every walk of life get together to network, support each other and learn about making their blogs better.

Thousands of bloggers attend annually, coming from the host city and countries in other hemispheres. They write about a full range of topics women are interested in. Sure there were mommy bloggers there (lots of them actually) but there were also women who write about finance, crafting, fitness, medicine, beauty, fashion, politics, food and more.

The ties that bind many of these women are the same ties we all see in the day-to-day lives we lead. We care about what our children eat. We care about the ways animals are treated. We want our daughters and sons to have better opportunities than we did growing up. We want to be healthy enough to live very long, happy lives. We want to do our parts to help improve the communities we live in.

Among the thousands there were about a dozen who also are passionately writing about agriculture.

Before the conference got underway, we all had lunch together and had the hostess at the restaurant take a photo of us. I can’t get over how excited we are at the event that lay ahead of us.

ag girls at BlogHer13

Starting in the back left of the following photo, you can see Katie Pinke of The Pinke Post & whose mom blogs about their family farm at Griggs Dakota, Stacy Schutz of Schutz FarmsEmily Webel who writes Confessions of a Farm Wife, me (my personal blog is a colorful adventure), Emily Zweber of Zweber Farms, coming from the right front is Jenny Schweigert of The Magic Farmhouse, Nancy Grossi who is the Wife of a Dairyman, Jamie who works with dairy farmers, Aimee Whetstine of Everyday Epistle and Leah Beyer of Beyer Beware.

We were there like all the other bloggers, looking to meet people who have an interest that we relate to whether they live in small towns an hour and a half from Starbucks or in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Each of us spent time, one-on-one, getting to know bloggers in real life… finding common ground whether that be on topics about our personal or professional lives or simply something we thought would be useful for our blogging efforts. And these women became known around the halls and conference rooms as the ag or farm girls as we told about how we blog about agriculture and our other interests.

BlogHer ’13 may have only been a three-day event, but for these bloggers it will offer returns for a long time to come!  You should give their blogs a follow cause you really shouldn’t miss what they have coming!

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4 Responses to "Where do “ag girls” fit in a crowd of thousands of bloggers?"

  1. Thank you Janice for featuring the “Ag Girls” at Blogher! I think each of us have unique stories and blogs. It was encouraging to see so much interest in our stories and connect with non-ag bloggers. Blogher is definitely a conference I will continue to attend and I hope to see more “Ag Girls” there in the future!

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