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CTIC’s 2013 Conservation in Action Tour: Community 4 Conservation

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By Melinda
Online Team

Conserve More.

This is certainly one component of Monsanto’s commitment to sustainability.  In 2008, we pledged to double crop yields and to do so by using one-third fewer resources, such as land, water and energy per unit produced. We’ve started working towards that goal by supporting initiatives that lessen habitat loss and improve water quality, so it’s no surprise that we would support the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) and its annual Conservation in Action Tour.

SAMSUNGThis week, I attended the tour in Livingston County, Ill. to gain knowledge about innovative conservation practices and see the results and efforts firsthand on local farms.  Not to mention the fact, who doesn’t want to escape the office to spend time with the best kind of people in the world—farmers?!  I’ve also mentioned in prior posts that my home state is Illinois, and I was raised in a farming community, so I jumped at the opportunity to experience an event highlighting Illinois agriculture.

In addition to the conservation lessons on soil health, nutrient management and drainage water management, the “Community 4 Conservation” theme rang loud and clear as each of our guest speakers presented. Conservation is definitely an important practice in agriculture. The key to the success of conservation will be found in grassroots efforts through the community.  Community is the foundation that has tied many of these initiatives together.

Farmers want to be kind to their neighbors, be good stewards of the land and restore the soil and water quality for our future generations.  This takes individual effort from farmers.  It takes partnerships. It may take support of your local businesses. And, it will most likely require further collaboration between government agencies.

At the end of the day, the success of each these initiatives and conservation practices will benefit the places that we work, where we raise our families and where we live our lives.  For a farmer, the ante is doubled.  Conservation is ultimately going to add value to the resources it takes to grow their crops and to do so efficiently.

The CTIC provided a successful tour of exciting conservation practices, and I most certainly look forward to attending next year. Within one day walking fields, I could sense a genuine atmosphere of community, and it is experiences like this that make me proud to be part of a farm family and to work for an agriculture company that focuses on supporting the very people that inspire me.


Monsanto Representatives Take Part in CTIC’s 2013 Conservation in Action Tour.

Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC).

1 Responses to "CTIC’s 2013 Conservation in Action Tour: Community 4 Conservation"

  1. a bit a of a late start from Monsanto but well done on the initiative.

    repeating the “food is safe” like a lindsay lohan gumbo machine is not relevant.

    Thank god the food is safe in the first place. It is a minimum requirement. It is insufficient on its own. You need to learn the respect and apply it.

    And that is the case for top scientists, soldiers, post office workers, farmers….


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