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Recent News Worth Noting

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Beyond the Rows covers a range of agricultural topics and issues. Here are a few recent news stories connected to some of our posts that are worth reading.

The GM safety dance: What’s rule and what’s real?

It’s not every day that we would link to a story in Grist, but this is one of those days. Last week, Nathanel Johnson decided to answer the question, is safety testing required for GM food or not? (He apparently decided not to accept the conventional wisdom in the GM critics community that it’s not.) And what he found was something quite different that what a lot of people understood.

You can read the story at Grist.

A Reflection on the World Food Prize

Some people were upset that this year’s World Food Prize is being given to three scientists who have made major contributions to agricultural biotechnology. One of three scientists is Monsanto’s Robb Fraley. Kenneth Quinn, a former U.S. ambassador and the president of the World Food Prize Foundation, has a different view, and wrote about in the Des Moines Register.

Iowa View: Ag’s huge challenge is growing ever more larger.

The Farmer Assurance Provision

Food Democracy Now named it the “Monsanto Protection Act” and used an online petition to solicit donations, but the provision doesn’t protect Monsanto from anything, including litigation. California farmer Vito Chiesa wrote a column for the Modesto Bee and explained with the provision meant to him and other farmers.

Farmers Can Still Farm During Biotech Lawsuits.

South Korea Resumes Wheat Imports

A report in Southeast Farm Press notes that South Korea has resumed imports of U.S. wheat, according to U.S. Wheat Associates and the National Association of Wheat Growers.

South Korea resumes import of US wheat.

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  1. Bad CEO strategy decisions…

    Laballing cost much less than false claims:



    remember “safe” is the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT. It’d better be safe for a start. But it is INSUFFICIENT. Respect is expected and will be enforced if necessary.

    Those who keep repreating “it is safe” like a gumbo machine and don’t get what a primary school child knows need to revise their homework.

    What to do high level science and don’t understand this basic concept: you look lame, like you did not graduate primary school.


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