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Early Girl is Here to Stay

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As a home gardener, I take pride in my home grown tomatoes every summer. One variety that I love to grow is Early Girl. My love for this variety started well before I learned that this is actually a seed variety that Monsanto produces.

Monsanto got into the vegetable seeds business in 2005 when we purchased Seminis. With that purchase came the Early Girl tomato along with many other notable home garden varieties. Ever since that acquisition, Monsanto has continued to produce and sell Early Girl tomato seeds.  But we don’t sell the seeds directly to home gardeners like me. Often times we sell to the companies that raise the seeds into plants that are then sold to home gardeners in the U.S. through garden centers. These companies may also sell our seeds directly to farmers (including organic farmers) and/or home gardeners.

In the case of Early Girl, we sell our seeds through dealers. When ordering Early Girl seed from us, these dealers provide instructions regarding any seed treatment they want applied to the seed. Basically, the seed stays untreated unless our dealers ask for a seed treatment.

Why am I telling you all this? Well I noticed some misinformation posted to this organic farm shop’s website and wanted to make sure you had all of the facts. We recognize that Early Girl is a classic and popular variety of tomato that home gardeners and organic farmers continue to purchase from our dealers year after year. That’s why we continue to produce the seed and continue to make it available to our customers so that you and I can still enjoy growing Early Girl tomatoes.

While our company may be known as a developer of biotech seeds, we do not sell any genetically modified seeds in the home garden market.

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