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Recipe for Recycling Old News – Food & Water Watch’s Latest Report

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Cookbook by Food & Water Watch and Reuters.

Recipe: “Biotech Ambassadors: Diplomacy or Marketing” by Food & Water Watch

Ingredients:  Wikileaks reports that were released in 2010 and reported on ad nauseam for months in 2011.

Instructions: Marinate for 3 years; repackage in a newish looking report replete with anti-biotech and anti-Monsanto dogma; finish with wire service report that neglects to inform readers that this is old news.

Aftertaste: bad.

Serves: Food & Water Watch.

What Monsanto provided to the Reuters reporter: “We are aware of Wikileaks reports which were released in 2010 that mention Monsanto or our products. As we said at the time, with other industry and companies, Monsanto Company maintains an open dialogue with many stakeholders in agriculture, including government authorities and trade associations. We remain committed to sharing information so that individuals can better understand our business and our commitments to support farmers throughout the world as they work to meet the agriculture demands of our world’s growing population. We believe this exchange is critical to ensure that people can make independent decisions based on objective information regarding our business and our products.

Related: This seems to be a recurring theme for the Reuters reporter. See The Curious Case of the Paper that Isn’t.

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