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The La Plata Storm: Solidarity and Networking Pay Off

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Zarate Plant 2On April 2, a violent storm struck the city of La Plata in Argentina. More than a foot of rain (200 ml) poured down on the city. More than 60 people died, and more than 150,000 were directly affected. Damages were estimated to exceed US $600 million.

The people at Monsanto’s Zarate Plant, plant contractors and Red Cross volunteers came together to help the storm victims.

On April 5, employees, their families and contractors donated and labeled 190 boxes of clothes. Volunteers classified and sorted clothes and food donated, and packed them in boxes. The labeling of the clothes was particularly helpful, because most clothes donations arrive unlabeled, delaying deliveries to the victims.

Donations were stockpiled, sorted and delivered to the city outskirts where water had hit thousands of families, leaving them with nothing. There, local police authorities, Red Cross volunteers, and Monsanto Zárate volunteers worked side by side to unload donations from trucks and hand them out to the victims.

On April 6, the same day of the annual vaccination campaign for employees and contractors, several volunteers set up a station in the Zarate Plant’s lobby to receive donations. More than 2,000 boxes and bags were received and labeled that day.

Monsanto employees worked closely with the Red Cross from Campana, whose warehouse capacity was exceeded by donations received. Monsanto volunteers made available a storehouse where they classified clothes in boxes and labeled them to streamline shipping and delivery.

On April 9, volunteers returned to the affected area, bringing water, food and cleaning supplies.

Zarate Plant 1

Monsanto contracting companies helping with the effort included Límpido, Dosam, Termipol, Ameghino and Zarcam. They donated clothes provided transportation and helped pack and transport boxes. The Monsanto and contractor volunteers were also greatly helped by local police authorities, the 601 Gendarmerie Battalion led by Colonel Carlos Romero.

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